The Delusion Of Revelation 12

I am concerned regarding the excitement over the events of the next few days however, let me make this clear. When God revealed this Secret Administration, the hands of Israel’s prophetic clock stopped. The nation of Israel and her prophecies entered complete abeyance.

We currently live outside of Israel’s prophetic times. The last prophecy fulfilled was that of Isaiah 6:9-10 nearly 2000 years ago as recorded in Acts 28:25-28.

With Israel’s prophetic clock still motionless, the next celestial event is when Christ will secretly rendezvous with his body in the clouds to fulfill the restoration of the heavens as the devil and his angels are cast upon the earth. This manifestation has no prophetic signs or indicators pointing to its arrival. We live completely outside of prophecy, with our “hope” being called before the overthrow of the world. Ephesians 1: 4

There are no timetables for this unprophesied event whatsoever. I especially wish to note that Revelation 12: 1 was fulfilled with the birth of the son of God. There were only a few who noted the significance of the birth of the King yet today the whole world wonders at the phenomenon of the alignment of Planets and stars yet I must ask are they not about to be deceived as written in Revelation 12: 9 and possibly welcome the great delusion written by Paul in 2Thessalonians 2?

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