Family Camp 1969

1969 was an incredible year. During the summer, 3 major events were occurring yet the world only recognizes 2 of them. In July, Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and in August we had Woodstock.

In a small community in Ohio, on the weekend of Fathers Day June 15th a family camp on “The Renewed Mind” was about to start. The Coordinators of the camp were Dr Victor Paul Wierwille, Dr Peter J Wade, Mal and Jan George and Bishop K C Pillai (who fell asleep the following year 1970).

Please enjoy these historic teachings.

  • Day One Introduction With Dr Wierwille
  • Day Two “What is the Renewed Mind” With Bishop K C Pillai
  • Day Three Morning “Bishop Pillai Completes His Teachings From Day Two”
  • Day Three Evening “The How Of The Renewed Mind” With Dr Peter J Wade
  • Day Four With Dr Wierwille
  • Day Five With Bishop Pillai (Morning Session)
  • Day Five With Bishop Pillai (Evening Session)
  • Day Six With Dr Peter J Wade

Here is the Audio Version

Day One

Day Two

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

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