Witch Trials & Wayfaring Preachers

Here’s an entertaining 2 part mp3 series the whole family can enjoy. Have you ever wondered how much work it took to have God’s word so freely available to us today. Here’s a collection of stories about people who stood firmly upon what they were taught and believed they were called by God to preach the Gospel. From itinerant circuit preachers warning of eternal damnation, to the flamboyant radio evangelism of Aimee Sample McPherson, the age of American ecumenical fervor was ignited with diversity and power.

The 2-part audio series below will take you on an evocative journey through the US religious movement, an era of sin, song and salvation.

Part 1 -The Circuit Riders.

The true story of the itinerant evangelists who rode into the untamed settlements, brandishing Bible readings and brimstone at every waypoint.

  • The Salem Witch Trials
  • A Preacher is Sorely Needed
  • The Log Book
  • Cotton & Gold
  • The Place of the Rye Grass
Part 2 – Old Brush Arbor Days

From the ornate cathedrals of moneyed New England to impromptu pulpits in the frontier brush, the rise of powerful, organized religious movements swept the nation.

  • The Kentucky Camp Meeting
  • “Crazy” Lorenzo Dow
  • Brother Abner Hawkins
  • Billy Sunday
  • Aimee Semple McPherson

Coming Soon In Fireside Audio Format

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